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Frequently Asked Questions - Lake Erie Charter Fishing Information


WALLEYE ... April - October 6/angler (15" minimum)

SMALLMOUTH BASS ... 5/angler **except May 1 - June 27 (no possession permitted during this time)

YELLOW PERCH ... 30/angler


Walleye/Tom Haberman/16lbs.3.04oz./33in./11-23-99/Lake Erie
Smallmouth Bass/Randy Van Dam/9lb.8oz/23.5in/6-16-93/Lake Erie
Yellow Perch/Charles Thomas/2lb.12oz/14.5in/4-17-84/Lake Erie



( Minimum Lengths )
WALLEYE ............... 28 inches
SMALLMOUTH BASS .... 20 inches
YELLOW PERCH ......... 13 inches
Anglers will receive: 1) A certificate for each qualifying fish, 2) A Fish Ohio pin for their first entry each year, 3) A Master Angler Award for qualifying entries in four different species categories.


WALLEYE ........ April - November
( 5 - 10 pound fish are common )
SMALLMOUTH BASS .... May - November
( Trophy fish are common )
YELLOW PERCH ....... August - November
( Jumbos are common )


Ohio Sportfishing Licenses

A  fishing license is required to fish any Ohio waters.  Ohio sporting licenses operate on an annual cycle beginning March 1st and expiring on February 28th of the following year.
A fishing license is not required of persons who are :less than 16 yrs. of age,
giving assistance to an angler who is physically disabled, provided the 2 persons together are using only 1 line,fishing in a private pond,
fishing on land and water which they or their parents own,
fishing on land and water where they or their parents are tenants on which they reside and from which they derive the majority of their income from agricultural production on that land (except state owned lakes), members of the U.S. Armed Forces on annual leave or furlough.


Resident Fishing Fishing License: $19.00
For persons age 16 through 65 who have resided in Ohio for the past 6 months.

Resident Senior Fishing Fishing License: $10.00
For persons age 66 and older born on or after January 1, 1938 who have resided in Ohio for the past 6 months.

One-Day Fishing Fishing License: $11.00
For residents and nonresidents, one (1) One-Day Fishing Fishing License may be exchanged for credit towards the purchase of an annual fishing Fishing License (minus writing fee).

Lake Erie Charter 1-Day Fishing Fishing License: $11.00
For residents and nonresidents – can be purchased in advance of scheduled charter trip. To validate the Fishing License, anglers must sign it and fill in the date at the beginning of the trip. If the trip is cancelled, anglers keep the un-validated Fishing License until they are able to re-schedule the trip.

Annual Nonresident Fishing License $40.00

3-Day Nonresident Tourist's Fishing License $19.00

Duplicate Fishing License:
A fishing Fishing License that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed can be reissued from any Fishing License vendor or via the internet. $4.00

Licenses can be purchased at the Wild Wings Marina Store Front Counter hours: 6AM-9PM
:::Or on line at

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